About Me

Nearly the entirety of my career has been involved in fast-paced customer service environments. Although I have dedicated a lot of time to the restaurant industry, I realize it is now time to make the switch back to my original passion — Information Technology.

After years of tinkering with hosting web servers and some time spent playing with the C++ language in high school, I initially decided to attend college to study Information Technology. While attending college I became caught up in the socially-oriented field of the restaurant industry. It is also during this time I changed my study to Business Management.

During my years in the restaurant industry I have maintained a level of interest and knowledge in IT. However, it is recently when I began fervently working on expanding my knowledge while simultaneously seeking out scholarship and assistance opportunities. I received a scholarship for the Google IT Support Professional Specialization, and the Grow with Google Challenge (Android Development). I am working towards my ultimate goal of securing a software developer position at a local company while I continue the endeavor of expanding my knowledge and developing my own software solutions.

With trends switching towards self-taught programming and job openings in the software development fields seeing some of the strongest growth, I believe now is a great time to get involved. I am interested in and always learning more about the following technologies:

C# .NET (WPF); Full Stack Web Development (HTML/CSS/SQL/JavaScript, Node, Express, React, MySQL, MongoDB); Android Development (Java).

I am a self-motivated learner and am currently working on a few side projects in order to improve my programming skill-set. You can find my GitHub profile here.